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The “Safe Return to Training” guide is developed to facilitate our return to activity in a cautious and methodical manner during Circuit Breaker Phases.

These guidelines are based on the advisory issued by SportSG. Link to the advisory is: https://www.myactivesg.com/read/2020/6/covid19-latest-updates

This guide will be updated accordingly as further guidance material from SportSG, government and public health authorities is provided.

In resuming netball activities, our aim is to ensure the safety of all participants and the risk of communal infections is minimised.

The following measures in this ‘Safe Return to Training’ guide must be complied with, as well as other prevailing government advisories.


  • All players are required to use SafeEntry check in when entering the facility to facilitate contact tracing
  • Mandatory temperature screening prior to entry
  • Players, coaches or approved personnel who are unwell, or temperature above 38 degrees Celsius, or on Stay Home Notice (SHN) or Quarantined Order will not be allowed to enter
  • Mandatory to wear masks at all times if you are not engaging in strenuous training activities
  • Come attire ready to train and leave after training, eg. Enter, Train and Leave.
  • Parents/Guardians to drop off/pick up players in carpark – not to enter venue.
  • Management & players to adhere to safe distancing whilst waiting to enter venue, including wearing of mask
  • Players shall not arrive more than 15 minutes before training


  • Trainings will be kept at maximum 5 players per court (excluding 1 coach)
  • Physical distancing of 2 metres (2 arms-length) between players will be maintained
  • Groups will not interact (or swap) and must maintain a distance of 3 metres apart from one another at all times
  • No sharing of drink bottles or towels
  • Personal gear will be spaced from other players at least 2 metres apart
  • Players will be provided with individual equipment to train
  • Trainings to consist of mainly ball handling and specific court play. Modify body contact drills to avoid extensive body contact.
  • No 5-aside games will be undertaken, only 2 vs 3 or 2 v 2 (within the same groups of 5)
  • Where possible sharing of equipment is minimized. All shared equipment to be wiped down/sanitised frequently
  • Bibs will be individualized
  • Coaches will wear masks at all time
  • Controlling the usage of toilets to prevent overcrowding and loitering


  • Players will have to leave KNC within 15 minutes
  • Players to do SAFETYENTRY checkout when leaving the facility
  • No loitering within venues or carparks
  • Parent/Guardians to pick up outside of venue

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation. If you have any feedbacks, please feel free to share with us.

Last updated   :           04/07/2020