The Kids Network is now offering children from 6 to 12 years old who are keen to learn more about netball or chance to pursue their passion for netball with the assistance of our understanding and accredited coaches.

Our program offers your child the opportunity to excel in the sport and encourages ongoing participation in netball for young girls. We offer different levels of netball – KidzNet, Kiddos, and Gurus.

What the kids learn from TKN program :

  • basic fundamental movement
  • basic netball skills development
  • basic sports nutrition
  • basic injury prevention
  • importance of warm up, proper landing and basic conditioning
  • game strategies
  • umpiring skills
  • game knowledge by playing more game

Skills, knowledge, strategies and tactics of netball will be taught in a progressive way to ensure kids move from basic to advanced level. OUR TKN AIM IS ALWAYS TO ENSURE POSITIVE EXPERIENCE AND FUN!


Researches over the years by experts of the industry had shown that negative self perceptions of motor skills abilities are often cited by children as a major barrier to participation in physical activities and sport as they feel that they cannot perform basic skills to any success. This often leads to the rejection of future sports participation, low self esteem, reduced fitness and decreased in social competence.

Alternatively, children who are competent in fundamental movement skills are more likely to enjoy and have a positive attitude towards sports and physical activities. With positive expectations, these children feel competent and good about themselves through successful execution of fundamental movement skills and are more likely to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. They are also more popular playmates in schools.


Michelle Kwok


Goh Lizhen

Technical Manager

Sam Chan