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Gurus Class (11 & 12 Years Old) | The Kids Network Netball Academy

Gurus Class (11 – 12 Years Old)

Gurus Class is for children aged 11 & 12 Years Old. This class will learn intermediate netball skills such as strategies in attacking and defending skills, transitioning during turnover between attacking to defensive stance, and vice versa. Players who are just starting to learn netball at this age are welcome too. They will receive training to develop their basic netball skills before learning deeper about Netball. Players will also expect fitness trainings to further strengthen their stamina for the game. Players will learn to develop good characters off and off-court, such as communication, integrity, and responsibility. 

Focus :

  • Development of Intermediate Netball Skills

  • Learning to adhere to Netball Rules

  • Further Development of Individual’s Attacking and Defending Skills

  • Learning strategies in Attacking and Defending

  •  Understanding working together as an Attacking/Defending unit and as a team

  • Learning various strategies for Centre Pass, Circle Attacking & Defending, Turnover Play.

  • Executing understanding of concept of Space

  • Execution of Netball Skills & Concepts in games