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Netball Classes for Children aged 9 & 10 Years Old | The Kids Network Netball Academy

Kiddos Class (8 – 10 Years Old)

Kiddos Class is for children aged 9 & 10 Years Old. This class will further develop the player’s netball skills, exposing them to the full court netball game where they will start learning netball rules and various concepts, giving them a deeper insight into netball. Players who are just starting to learn netball at this age are welcome too. They will receive training to develop their basic netball skills before learning deeper about Netball. Aside from further developing their skills, our players will also be encouraged to enhance their social and personal skills development where they will learn the importance of individual and team’s goal settings, the art of winning and losing rather than the inculcation of the “win-at-all-cost” attitude.

Focus :

  • Further development & strengthening of Basic Netball Skills

  • Learning and understanding various Netball Rules

  • Development of Attacking and Defending Skills

  • Learning various strategies for Centre Pass, Circle Attacking & Defending

  • Understanding concept of Space

  • Execution of Netball Skills & Concepts in games