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Netball Classes for Children aged 6 to 10 years | The Kids Network Netball Academy

Kidznet Class (6 – 8 Years Old)

“KidzNet” is a trademark of Netball Singapore, a modified netball program for children aged 6 – 8 Years Old.  Players in this age group will use Size 4 Netballs, a modified shorter netball goal posts and they will learn the netball game by playing in a smaller area before slowly transiting into the full netball court. These modifications are done to ensure proper development of netball skills such as ball handling, passing and catching, footwork, and shooting.  These also build player’s self-confidence in playing the game and ensure they are playing to success. Players will learn these skills through fun and modified activities and team games where they will learn the value of teamwork. 

Focus :

  • Development of Fundamental Movement Skills

  • Understanding of Basic Netball Skills: Passes, Footwork, Attacking, Shooting

  • Building confidence to execute Basic Netball Skills during games

  • Strengthening game sense

  • Learning about space awareness