MOE Schools

Netball Coaching at MOE Schools

Coaching Netball in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions is one of TKN’s forte. We provide professional coaching services to MOE schools – training school teams on a regular and long term basis and preparing teams for National School Games.

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Sports Education Program (SEP)

Apart from Netball coaching, we also conduct Sports Education Programs to schools without Netball CCA. These programs are designed to complement the Physical Education Syllabus in Primary and Secondary Schools – teaching Netball skills, concepts and strategies at an age-appropriate level.

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Why Join Us

If you like working with children and prefer to work in a dynamic environment, we’ve got the job for you. We love team sports and that translates into our work as well. Our full time team consists of Operations, Administration and Marketing – areas where you can develop your corporate skills. We also hire full time coaches and will deploy them to MOE schools to coach Netball.

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